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Most brand names

categorize their starter kits by the variety of batteries, and included add-ons,
but Apollo truly has various e-cig types in every single of their offers. I opted for
the Common Starter Kit, which the organization advertises as �??the ideal digital 

cigarette if you have no concept the place to get commenced enjoying your smoke-cost-free life�?�.

I figured which is what most people who smoke in lookup of an different are searching for, 

furthermore it included that extravagant PCC (portable charging case) I enjoy so much. The regular kit comes in a lovely magnet prime box �?? mine was white, but they also arrive in black �?? and attributes two RN4081 batteries (a single automatic, a single manual), a pack of assorted cartomizers, USB and wall chargers, a helpful PCC for charging on the go, and a disposable e-cigarette.

The battery model utilized by Apollo for their standard starter package is one particular of the oldest on the market, but it works for social people who smoke searching to get their ft damp in the planet of vaping. For folks who used to smoke 1 or two packs of cigarettes a working day, the Severe starter kit is a considerably much better

selection, but doesn�??t consist of the charging circumstance or the disposable e-cig. 

At $sixty nine.ninety five, the Regular starter kit can be regarded as a bargain, if you consider into account what�??s provided, but let�??s get a look at how it performs.

In Use:

One particular of the strong points of these cigarettes is their vapor. They worked up

a massive cloud with really little hard work providing a extremely satisfying white
plume to inhale. The throat strike is very satisfying and what�??s even 

far better is that it appears to stay consistent from the prime of the cartomizer

to the bottom. I would like all brands could do it this nicely. The layout of 

Apollo cigarettes is extremely sensible because the air vents are at the foundation of the battery. There are an additional 4 air vents around the cartomizer as

effectively so placement of your fingers is not extremely critical.

The flavors are fairly first rate way too and there is a extensive variety such as: banana cream, french vanilla, blueberry kona espresso, environmentally friendly apple, clove, RY4, marlboro, almond joyee, mango peach, razzle, cappuccino, chocolate, marlboro menthol, rocky road and sahara. My personal favorites are the coffee, cherry and the tobacco flavors.

Nonetheless they do go about this total procedure a tiny differently to their competition.

Alternatively of providing packs of pre-crammed cartomizers, they market you vacant types which 

you can fill up with their e-liquid accessible in 10ml bottles. All you do is suck some up with a syringe and inject it into the cartomizers. You could do this one at

a time, or, to make it even simpler for you, a total bunch to last you the week or 

the whole thirty day period. If you are 1 of people people that wants the usefulness of a pre-stuffed cartomizer, then you much better seem somewhere else.

In phrases of the taste good quality I would say they are fairly respectable. Their tobacco flavor

is pretty convincing and a handful of other flavors were really delicious.
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